Introduction to executive diploma certification

West College Scotland Executive Diploma

The Executive Diploma is a performance based certificate to recognize your work performance and achivement. Qualified candidates will be awarded the Executive Diploma upon successful assessment and interview by an Assesor of the college.

executive diploma certification ceremony


  • › International Diploma Certification.
  • › Work performance and achivement recognition based.
  • › Value through direct verification by West College
       Scotland, UK.
  • › Wider opportunities for career progress.

Entry Requirements

  • › Participants must be at least 23 years old and above.
  • › Minimum of 3 years working experience in total.
  • › Must provide testimony statement from the company.


"I am proud that my years of work performance and experiences are documented & recognized internationally. The process helps me to make better future planning & career development. Truly a satisfying experiences!"
- Bakar Ak Tembaga (Oil & Gas Company)

"It's an achievement for me, been able to convert my 37 years of experience working in the government services into the Executive Diploma." - Jimi Law (Government Servant)

"This Executive Diploma Certification is excellent and I am greatly impressed by the affordable cost, not to mention the recognition from West College Scotland. Upon successful completion, you are part of the college's generation and your name will be registered in West College Scotland."
- Mark Wong (Banking)