Introduction to SBL Khas & SMETAP Programs

The following are our training programs approved under SBL-Khas:

1. Personal Empowerment for     Organizational Excellence
2. Emotional Intelligence for     Leadership Excellence
3. Understanding of Wages/Payroll     Administration & Practice
4. Practical Application of Sarawak     Labour Law Implementation at      Workplace

The following are our training program approved under SMETAP:
1. Practical Applications on the     Principle Labour Law
2. Presenting Cases At The Labour     Court
3. Dynamics of Human Resource     Management
4. Workplace Handbook for HR &     Admin Personnel

SBL Khas Program

Under the SBL-KHAS Scheme, employers are not required to pay training fees to training providers. The fees will be paid by PSMB to the training providers concerned on behalf of employers, based on claims submitted by training providers, upon the completion of training. PSMB will debits the fees claimed to employers levy accounts. For daily allowances claimed which may comprise of food, lodging and transportation including airfare, employers are required to submit their claim to PSMB based on stipulated guidelines. Claims must be submitted after the completion of training.

Training programmes that are eligible to be offered under this scheme are public and in-house programmes conducted by training providers who are registered with PSMB. Training grant applications submitted by employers for programme that are not registered or conducted by neither training providers nor registered under this scheme will be rejected.

SMETAP Program

Small Medium Enterprise Training Partners Scheme (also known as SMETAP) is a Special Training Programmes organised by PSMB in collaboration with training providers under the SMETAP Scheme from time to time. The rate of financial assistance is 100%.

PSMB will circulate training brochures to registered employers from time to time whereby registration forms must be submitted before the stipulated closing date.