Train The Trainer - PSMB Certified Trainer

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The main trainer is very knowledgeable and particularly very skillfull in managing and delivering the training. It is like his second nature. The modules is solid, informative and comprehensive, complete with all the important appendixes / handaout. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in TNA Planning and Delivery of training, as well as presentation. I could clearly see the PASSION and INTEGRITY of the trainer in delivering this training. Mai Ishak (Industrial Psychologist) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
GEM Consultancy is highly professional in conducting the sessions. David Lau, the trainer has displayed very profound and extensive knowledge in the course conducted. One word, Excellent! Pang Pick Yuen (Chief Academic Officer) from Anchorage Learning Centre S/B
I look forward to this program yet it exceeded all my expectations. Mr David Lau did justice to the modules and make every moment spent worth while. I am glad I attended TTT with Mr David Lau. He is so competent and is also a very down to earth person. He's a very good coach and brings out the best in me while being honest in his evaluation. I am confident to use them especially the proposal and session plans. We understand adult learning better. Iskandar Ahmad (CEO/MD) from Bumi IT Consulting Sdn Bhd
Trainer - Mr David, trainer's performance is excellent in terms of him being very well versed with subject. Shows profesionalism, serious and no fooling around. Respects his learners and show patience in handling our many questions. Motivates us to do / challange our comfort zone. Tells us our weaknesses without crushing our confidence. Thank you sir! Well done.
Course Material - File handout is very detailed, very useful, very comprehensive and extensive. Looking forward to using this guideline to sturcture my future trainings.
Fia Iskandar (Senior Assistant Director) from Pharmacy Department, Sabah State Health Department
I am honestly impressed by the training program and the efficient way it is run. The topics covered are easily understood and easily implemented. I am in awe of the trainer who is humble yet convincing in his delivery. He freely shares his knowledge about oppurtunities as a trainer, training provider, how to approach HRDF, etc. I highly recommend this TTT by GEM Consultancy and specifically Mr David Lau. Zurina Razali (Principle Consultant & Trainer) from EDU - Q Consultancy
I have no regret attending this course which has open up my perspective to new and more effective methods and style on being good and excellent trainer. The trainer Mr David has done his duty via various methods on delivery, excellent materials and resources. I have made the right choice by attending this course instead of opting for exemption. Well done. DzolZalani Eden (Lecturer) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
First, venue was held in strategic area KK no issue, very good, company that organized and trained us are well prepared and always help the participant in any way needed, excellent. The trainer is very well versed in the topics and modules and able to train in a very good way and excellent manner. I have attended many training and found this one can be considered one of the best I ever attended. The modules of TTT by GEM Consultancy Sdn Bhd has produced a very good contain and very useful to us as trainer. Many methods and reference used are valid for us to practice in adult education, the trainer David Lau, he is very good and nothing is too much trouble for him. Always there for us and help us throughout the course. gave us a lot of tips in training. Excellent. Will definitely recommend others to attend his training. Laurentius A. Bansing (Training Manager) from Shangri-La's Tg. Aru Resort & Spa
Very good and effective trainer (Mr. David), the methods of the training are very good, the understanding about subject matter is above expectation, overall rating for this training was excellence. The trainer delivered very excellent message on the subject matter. I am of opinion that my objectives to attend this training rated as above expectation since the course was conducted effectively. THe knowledge that I have gained from this training will make me more confident since the trainer has given great motivation Mohamad Bin Hj. Mat Junus (Head of HCM) from Labuan Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd
Excellent training, conducted very systematically. Each module had a good flow, optimising understanding. Content was delivered very clearly, and trainers were always ready to help participants. I attended this course to learn to deliver training effectively. But I gained much more, as the knowledge gain can be applied for students teaching and development. I am excited to apply my newly acquired skills. Dr. Ehfa Bujang Safawi (Lecturer) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Excellent trainer. The trainer is competent and has conducted the training skillfully. I have learned a lot from him. My confident level as a trainer increase.Scale 1-10 I would give 20. I will definitely recommended him as TTT trainer to other people. Dr. Norsuzailina Mohd Suta (Senior Lecturer) from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Today's assessment was done in a very professional way and very strict too. It is a very effective session and I believe that if every TTT program is conducted in such ways the quality of certified trainers can be improved in the future and GEM Consultancy has demonstrated that it can be done. Kudos to HRDF for appointing such a credible training provider. K.H Lee