crisis leadership


RM 400 per pax, per session.
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The technology used in this virtual training is Microsoft Team.


This is a 7-hour virtual training, limited to 15 pax per session. Kindly please choose only a session from the dates and timing below. This virtual training is suitable for Head of Departments, Managers, Executives & Supervisors, and Team Leaders.


The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. This crisis is affecting organizations across the globe, threatening their organization’s survival. Some experts are projecting one of the worst recessions the world has ever seen. This would have a varied impact on business depending on the sector, financial muscle, management decisions of the company. While certain businesses may permanently and temporary lay-offs leaving millions of people jobless thus creating uncertainty, time urgency, and negative moral.

High levels of uncertainty, time urgency, and negative morals are just a few factors that can take a toll on a workforce during a crisis. The strain can lead to reduced productivity, poor employee retention, and increased financial problems—which causes many organizations to fail.

But some companies bounce back from a crisis even better than before. They learn from their hardships and they move forward with renewed confidence. What’s the difference between companies who thrive and those who crumble? Crisis Leadership.

An organization’s leader plays an integral role in gearing employees to be resilient to adapt to changes and managing performance during an organizational crisis. The more resilient the employees are, the more likely an organization is to survive—or perhaps even thrive—when faced with a potential catastrophe.

What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead. In this program, we explore the crisis behaviors and accompanying mindsets that can help leaders navigate the coronavirus pandemic and future crises.


  • Reality to the Crisis
  • Roles of Crisis Leadership
  • Crisis Leadership: Managing Workforce Behaviour
  • Crisis Leadership: Managing Organizational Results
  • Crisis Leadership: Managing Operation Efficiency
  • Virtual Communication and Training Effectiveness

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Ben Ha, holds an Executive Diploma in Business Management from Reid Kerr College, Paisley, Scotland and is a PSMB certified trainer (PSMB/TTT/4549) with more than 10 year’ experience in the consulting and training industry covering Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Supervisory skills which ranges from people development to process improvements through insightful and practical guidance to implement best practices from real-life experiences based on sound principles that will bring about people development initiatives within the organization. He is also a Certified Human Resource Practitioner (CHRP) and approved MIHRM trainer for Certified Training and Development Manager Program.