The technology used in this virtual training is Microsoft Team.


This is a COMPLIMENTARY 45 minutes of virtual training.  Kindly please choose only a session from the dates and timing below.


This program is designed for teachers or educators who want to improve their virtual session into more effective & impactful by using interactive & engagement approach in their virtual session.


The spread of the coronavirus is challenging organizations and educators to rethink their approach to training as governments mandate travel bans, social distancing, face to face training, etc. Universities, government agencies, tuition center, and training providers are shifting their traditional ways of face to face training towards the virtual sessions, thus making it mandatory for all teachers to shift their mode of a session to e-learning by way of conducting their session virtually.

Some teachers may not be comfortable conducting their session virtually because there is much overlap between face-to-face learning and virtual instruction. However, there is a misunderstanding regarding the transition to virtual session delivery. Many think that a virtual session needs to have extensive online experience at the same time need to be tech-savvy, and lack in-person interaction to staying motivated.

Rather than let these misunderstandings obstruct them from developing their potential into a great virtual session, this program is designed to ensure all teachers will become effective virtual instructors in their own areas of expertise.

  • Firstly, with a step by step approach in converting their traditional face to face training effectiveness to virtual implementation;
  • Secondly, using relevant and selective virtual e-learning platform that enhance learning; and
  • Thirdly, introducing virtual techniques and skills to transform their virtual session Lively that promote interaction and involvement with all students, hence making their virtual session an effective session for all their students.


  • Introduction to Virtual Learning
  • Using Virtual Training Platform
  • Promoting Interaction and Involve Participants
  • Design Your Virtual Session
  • Conduct Confidently in Virtual Session


David Lau is a certified trainer of Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). Currently, GEM Consultancy is the only Approved Vendor from East Malaysia to conduct HRDF Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Program and David is one of the appointed TTT Lead Trainer to conduct the TTT Program in Malaysia. He has management experience in the corporate sectors since 1989 and has consultancy experience in numerous industries which includes construction, housing development, plantation, hotels, and other services sectors. Many of his participants regard him as a dynamic and very interactive trainer.

Dominic Jay obtained his HRDF Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Certificate in 2014 and has been actively conducting training ever since. He is also one of the TTT Lead Trainer to conduct the HRDF TTT Program throughout the whole of Malaysia. Previously from the financial industry, he has more than 18 years of experience covering numerous departments in the banking sector. The participants from his training programs would refer to him as a trainer who is flexible, energetic, fun, and able to communicate with all levels of people.