The success of corporate leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs, and outstanding individuals
are not defined by their IQ’s or their job skills, but by their “Emotional Intelligence”:
a set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact and communicate.

This programme aims to provide you with the latest leadership competencies so that you can significantly enhance your leadership
skills. The sessions will focus on inspiring and empowering the individual to handle a wide range of leadership situations.

What Our Past Participants Have to Say

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This course is very interesting and inspirational.All the content are new to me, it gives me new insight into applying at my job.

Tay Wei Ling Technical Lead

Kudos GEM Consultancy for an amazing job for our EQ for Leadership training! I legitimately learn a lot of knowledge and I’m sure I can apply these knowledges in my job and hopefully get great outcome out of it! Thanks Mr David Lau.

Mahmud Omar Baseair Lecturer

The program was interesting, fun, enjoyable. Throughout this program I’m understand myself better and trying to adapt / practise in my department / unit or life.

Lee Li Kien Head Network Advanced Services Unit

Introduced different concepts, articulated, defined and explained different points regarding EQ and leadership.

Ryonna Chuo Yi Creative Director

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