What is HRD Corp Train The Trainer?

HRD Corp Certified Train The Trainer is a 5-day competency training programme certified by HRD Corp, an organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), Malaysia.

Our lead trainers, appointed by HRD Corp, will guide the participants to conduct effective training, design session plans, and engage the audience with a positive impact.

What are the benefits for me?

Recognition As HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Boost your career and elevate your status by earning a certification acknowledged by the Malaysian government as an HRD Corp Certified Trainer, achieved upon successfully completing a 5-day training program and passing the assessment.

Be A Competent And Professional Trainer

Discover the insider knowledge and techniques to become a skilled trainer and enhance the quality of your training and delivery. Our training materials adhere to HRD Corp’s approved quality standards to ensure excellence.

Build Confidence

Speaking in front of an audience can be anxiety-inducing. However, you’ll receive guidance on effectively engaging your audience and boosting your confidence through the application of various techniques during our training.

Exclusive access to the HRD Corp Scheme

Becoming an HRD Corp Certified Trainer opens the door to the next level of recognition: becoming an HRD Corp Accredited Trainer. Attaining accreditation as an HRD Corp Trainer solidifies your reputation as a top-tier trainer and grants you access to a range of HRD Corp programs. Read more about HRD Corp Accredited Trainer here.

Expand Your Network

During this training, you will have the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse sectors spanning various age groups and backgrounds. You can establish connections with new people and expand your network of acquaintances!

Past Participants’ Experiences

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I started off being very sceptical and nervous with this TTT course on the first day.

Trying to find relevance with this course as I’ve been to other TTT course before.
At the end today, Friday I’m happy and blown away at what I’ve been able to accomplish. Thank you Dom for helping me.

Zulkifli Bin Abu Husin Captain, MASwings Sdn Bhd
Trainer – Comprehensive and engaging delivery of content.

Provides space & time for participant to grow and improve on the duration of course. Course material – Practical, put in simple works and easy to understand. Facility / hospitality – Well planned and organised a lot of thought has been given needs are met!

Dr. Vaishinnee Karunakaran Company Director, Medical Officer
As an educator, I went and attended so many trainings before and this (TTT) is one of the best training I’ve attended.

There is a lot of technique I’ve learned that I actually can apply for both teaching and training. It was worth the 5 days of stress and work. I definitely felt more “level up” and confident after attending this training. Big kudos to our trainer, Dom!

Kathleen Lu Jing Yee Lecturer, Advanced Business Systems Consultants SB
This is the first virtual training, that I had which is fun and not boring.

Not to say physical part, it is even more engaging and interesting. His teaching method is good and I found that it is easy to absorb and learn the knowledge of TTT.

Simon Hii Sieng Khim Licensed Financial Planner, Junior Chamber International Sibu
It has been a great seminar.

Usually is very difficult to keep up with the enthusiasm and energy after the third day but we (all of us) have no problem going through the full 5 days. The bonding between all members are excellent and we all supported each other to achieve our learning objectives.

Augustine Law Sek Hian General Manager-HR & Admin, Hock Seng Lee Berhad
Although I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years, and I’ve trained other trainers, it was so refreshing and inspirational to receive this HRD TTT training!

It was able to put in words some of my training styles, etc but better still, I learned new things and feel way better equipped to be not just a good but great trainer! Thank you, GEM Consultancy!

Michele Lau Senior Partner, VAV Productions Sdn Bhd

I have little experience of the subject matter, can I join the training?

Y E S!

During the training, you can engage in discussions with our lead trainers to explore the specific path you wish to pursue as a trainer. They will provide guidance in uncovering your potential and identifying niche markets you can venture into.

The Success Story, Our Past Participants

Priscilla Michael is an entrepreneur and founder of PMY Collection. An expert in beads handcrafts, she goes by the name of ‘Ticer Manik’ (Beads Teacher) to her social media audiences. Now, she coaches her community in creating beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewelry using beads and conducts marketing training on the side, emphasizing TikTok marketing.

Jet Son Hoo is a director of a known local company in East Malaysia. As an avid runner and thrill seeker, following his passion for health and well-being, he now trains and coaches the tips and tricks of having a better physical and mental being with his like-minded audience. Another training that he does occasionally is catering operations.

Jannefer Akaw has been an educator in various private schools for nearly 30 years. She challenged herself to venture into the corporate world by attending our TTT in the quest to further refine her skills in conducting training. To date, she has conducted English Communication as well as public speaking training to not only professionals but also to individuals who are passionate about enhancing their proficiency in the English language so as to communicate with utmost confidence be it at work or in any social situations.

After conducting the HRD Corp Train The Trainer session for Bomba Kota Kinabalu, they are now a training provider committed to imparting knowledge and serving the community. Their mission is to educate and share expertise, helping us prevent disasters and minimise risks effectively.

What will I learn?

Adopt adult learning principles in the design and delivery of training

Conduct Training Needs Analysis to meet the client’s needs and requirements

Design a Competency-Based Training programme for specific learning groups

Deliver training effectively for any level of audience

Develop and apply assessment tools to assess trainee’s skills and progress

Why be a GEM Train The Trainer Alumni?

Opportunities to Go Further

Our Train The Trainer Alumni have the opportunity to be selected for our pool of skilled trainers and lead training sessions.
  • During National Training Week 2023, eight of our TTT alumni were selected to conduct training in their respective areas of expertise. This initiative garnered over 350 registrations, and the events were highly successful. Watch the video snippet here.
  • In our mission to serve as the central hub for trainers in Borneo to receive training, acquire valuable experience, and showcase their signature programs, we join forces with our Train The Trainer Alumni to establish GEM Training Week. In July 2023, six trainers led their training sessions, with an additional four alumni scheduled to conduct theirs in October 2023. Check out more about GEM Training Week here.

Invitation to Engagement Events

Our Train The Trainer alumni are consistently among the first to be invited whenever we schedule gatherings, offer free training sessions, or host coffee talks.
  • To mark our 20th Anniversary event, we extended invitations to our TTT alumni to celebrate our milestones while expanding their connections with other trainers and employers. (Read the post here)
  • The TTT Alumni Gathering – Reunite and Ignite event brought together over 60 alumni from various batches, offering them a platform to mingle, broaden their professional network, strengthen bonds, and collectively share their passion. (Read the post here)
  • Recent free training and coffee talks with an extended invitation to our esteemed TTT alumni, covering topics such as Training Needs Analysis, Achieving Peak Performance, and the Next Steps in TTT.

Guidance on Accreditation

Our team consistently encourages our TTT alumni to get accredited as soon as they can and benefit from the recognition. We are committed to supporting you throughout the accreditation process, providing guidance on course outlines, and offering advice on enhancing your training to meet HRD Corp standards.

Refresher Course

Feeling that you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned and need a refresher? Our TTT alumni are always welcome to sit in our session, unlearn and relearn the techniques of conducting training.

Practical Session of Conducting Training

To provide you with hands-on training experience, a live simulation or assessment will take place on the final day of training. Our lead trainers will offer invaluable feedback to help you boost your training delivery methods and be a quality trainer.

Continuous Support and Trainer’s Community

Our team is readily available to support you both before and after your training. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you need assistance! As a GEM TTT alumni, you are an integral part of our trainer community, and we will ensure you stay informed about the latest updates and news.

GEM’s Experience and Credibility

We have trained over 2342trainers to be HRD Corp Certified Trainers with 178 batches and guided over 60 trainers to be accredited (as of February 2024). GEM also won an accolade from HRD Corp as one of the best training providers in the HRD Awards 2022. 

Who else can I bring to attend this training?

Managers, executives, team leaders, trainers, instructors, assessors, learning personnel, subject matter experts, and people involved in the training and assessment system.

What are the opportunities for me after the training?

After the training, you can either:
start to conduct your own training, talk, seminar, webinars or
become an internal trainer for your organization and
design your own training course!

The Lead Trainers


HRD Corp Lead Trainer, HRD Corp Accredited Trainer
IABFM™ International Accredited Trainer


HRD Corp Lead Trainer, HRD Corp Accredited Trainer
IABFM™ International Accredited Trainer

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“If Opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.” ~ Milton Berle

This is your door, your opportunity


HRD Corp Certified Train The Trainer is a 5 days training claimable under SMETAP, with a fee of RM 2834 per pax, including admin, assessment fee and SST 8%.
Upon completion, participant will receive a recognition of HRD Corp Certified Trainer from HRD Corp.

This training is available for public and in-house setting, and in virtual and physical version.

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