The only way to consistently achieve superior services is through
highly competent, well-motivated people.

How and where can I find this kind of individual?

For starters, you can send your people to training!

In many cases, providing training is not the solution to the performance gap.

This is where a thorough Training Needs Analysis needs to be done
to uncover the root cause and what’s really going on.

Fundamentally, Training Needs Analysis or TNA, is a tool or process that organisations use to determine the gap between
the current and desired knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees.

How can I benefit from TNA?

You will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees or team members

You will be able to pinpoint the required and relevant performance gap and offer solutions for it (training or non-training)

Productivity is increased because employees’ motivation and confidence in performing their tasks are boosted.

Help your organisation or department to achieve the objectives and goals set. 

Busting The Myths

TNA is only for big companies.

TNA is suitable for all companies, regardless of size. With TNA, you can identify the current competence of employees and how to bridge that gap to achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives.

It is expensive to send employees to training.

Actually, it is cheaper to go for training than to replace or hire new employees. One of the top reasons employees resign is the need for more career development opportunities that can be accelerated by acquiring new skills, reskilling and upskilling.

What will I learn?

Strategic HR roles in training

TNA framework and process

Personality Behaviour

Data gathering methods

TNA Report and Training Plan

and lots of case studies!

Who should attend this training?

This course is designed for trainers, training managers, training executives, training officers, training coordinators, and training administrators, who want to enhance their ability to conduct basic Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process and develop the Training Plan based on the findings identified during the TNA exercise.

The Trainer


HRD Corp Lead Trainer, HRD Corp Accredited Trainer
IABFM™ International Accredited Trainer

Past Participants’ Experiences

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
The session was very informative and practical which can be implemented in any organisation.

The trainer is able to engage with the participants well and fun learning.

Sibat Anak Kallang Human Resource Officer, Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation
TNA training was very thorough and the details was in depth.

Eventhough it was theoretical with a lot of knowledge, this training was engaging and filled with multiple methodologies that allowed me to apply or visualize or practice the theories. It was not just fun but impactful overall. I feel equipped to be able to conduct TNA after this.

Keith Wei Business Owner, Impact Space
This TNA 2 days program, really an eye opener to me,

I have gain so much knowledge and skill through this program. I would recommend this to my friend.

Lau Min Kiang Officer, Vanguard Dot Biz Sdn Bhd

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin


HRD Corp Training Needs Analysis is 2-day training claimable under HRDCCC, with a fee of RM 1700 per pax for early bird (RM 2200 normal price), including SST 8%.
This training is available for public and in-house setting, and in virtual and physical version.

Upon completion, participant will be awarded a certificate from HRD Corp

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