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The Professional Diploma will be awarded by UNIMAS.


Effective leadership and the ability to manage people are fundamental in the success of any ‘team’ venture, be it whether it’s in business or as part of any activity. Any group will ultimately be working towards a common ‘goal’ and it’s important that there is somebody who can command the respect of the group and who can pull all of the various elements together in order to reach that goal.

Leadership is about bringing the team together and making them ‘get’ together as a team. Many groups of outstanding individuals have failed because the leader has not instilled a sense of there being a ‘group ethic’ as first and foremost of key importance and then individual skills and abilities coming second. In many ways, to get the best out of a team, a leader almost has to put themselves in the position of ‘servant’ to the team if they want all the individual team members to also ‘serve each other’.

A leader’s role is to inspire the team and to focus on the possibilities of what can be achieved. They need to be able to engage and energize the team and to create a vision or suggest ideas to the rest of the team and encourage the team to offer suggestions of their own.

In terms of management, the manager’s role is to take those inspirations and possibilities and to turn them into practical solutions. A manager will turn ideas into reality and turn potential into performance. Although there is a slightly different emphasis on leadership and management, most successful leaders are usually successful managers too.

Why You Should Attend

Upon graduating from this program, the learners should be able to :
• Describe the importance of effective leadership towards organization’s growth and success.
• Display high Emotional Intelligence in dealing with people of all levels.
• Select appropriate impactful techniques in building, sustaining relationship and managing people at the workplace.
• Support management’s development plan in cultivating high performance team.
• Demonstrate creative breakthrough Problem Solving ability in providing practical solutions.

Program Outline

Module 1:  Personal Alignment for Organizational Excellence
Module 2: Emotional Excellence for People Management
Module 3: Practical Approach to Self-Empower Performance to Support Organization
Module 4: Essential Workplace Leadership at Work
Module 5: Cultivate Workplace Relationship for Organizational Excellence
Module 6: Practical Approach to Implement 6 P’s Leadership at Work
Module 7: Cultivate Change Management for Organization Excellence
Module 8: Creative Problem Solving at Workplace
Module 9: Essential Facilitation Skills for Organizational Excellence
Module 10: Practical Approach to Implement Creative Problem Solving at Work

Who Should Attend

For those who have not had the chance to complete their tertiary education, this professional programme that offers a ‘Professional Diploma’ award will be the best choice to solidify their experience into a professional qualification that acknowledged their working experience, acknowledging their enhanced knowledge and skills, and acknowledging them as being competent to contribute towards their organization’s growth excellence and success.

Further Details

Entry Requirements
• Passed SPM / equivalent with 3 credits in any subjects and working experience 3 years in related field; OR
• For Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) Holder with minimum 1 year working experience; OR
• Others academic qualification with working experience depending to Universitiy Malaysia Sarawak Senate approval

• KWSP Withdrawal (Account 2)
• HRDF Claimable
• 0% Interest Monthly Installments (Subject to Terms & Conditions)

Registration & Administration Fee
Convocation : Attending – RM400  / Not Attending – RM100
Application – RM100
Registration – RM400
*Fees excluding SST 6%

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