Team Bonding Enhancing Team Cohesiveness



Renewal sense of focus

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Team-building activities are a great way to help employees learn to effectively work with their coworkers, develop and deepen the trust among team members, strengthen relationships, and teach them better communication skills through team-building activities.

Team building also helps to align or realign your team’s focus towards your organisation’s goals and directions.

It also serves to refresh and reenergize employees that may have been stressed in the office, and the team-building function helps them return to work with a renewed sense of focus.

How do we do it

Hands-on exercises and group activities that are fun yet challenging for both indoor / outdoor environments.

These activities will require a lot of brainstorming, discussion, problem-solving which will require a lot of positive communication, effective influencing leadership skills and being a team player.

Each activity will have debriefing for better understanding and reflection.

The Impacts to You & Your Team

Increase Motivation & Productivity

Positive employees are more likely to be motivated, engaged and productive in the workplace.

Better Team Dynamics

An engaging and conducive workplace environment can boost morale and motivation among team members to avoid any personality conflicts.

Improve Overall Organizational Performance

A positive employee can contribute to a more successful, productive and profitable organization, thus contributing to a win-win situation for both parties involved.

The Activities

Our team-building activities can be customized to meet your organization’s objectives to ingrain motivation in your team, have better teamwork, or achieve other goals.

Past Participants’ Experiences

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I found the sessions to be extremely valuable and informative.

Your vast knowledge and ability to engage the group made learning the material an enjoyable experience. It is greatly appreciated.

Jayanthi Appu HR Manager, Doubletree Resort by Hillton Penang
All the activities help us to be more closer one another
Seraphina Anak Dominic Gisong Manager, Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Sarawak
This Course allowed me to learn team spirit,

self-improvement, how to lead my own team and self-reflection to learn form it.

Lim Wan Sze Supervisor (Sales), Yung Kong Group
During the training session, I felt no burden or pressure on myself.

The feeling of enjoying during the game is also a very valuable new experience. Thank you

Hendrean Bin Hassan Electrical, LEAVES Food Industries Sdn Bhd

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Team Bonding Enhancing Team Cohesiveness is a one to three days training (depends on your duration) claimable under HRDCCC, with a negotiable fee. Upon completion, participant will receive a certificate of completion from GEM Consultancy.

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