virtual learning


The technology used in this virtual training is Microsoft Team.


This is a  COMPLIMENTARY 1-hour virtual training,  focus on shifting the traditional ways of face-to-face learning to virtual implementation of it without abandoning the aspect of live interaction with the participants, limited to 15 pax per session.


Ben Ha, holds an Executive Diploma in Business Management from Reid Kerr College, Paisley, Scotland and is a PSMB certified trainer (PSMB/TTT/4549) with more than 10 year’ experience in the consulting and training industry covering Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Supervisory skills which ranges from people development to process improvements through insightful and practical guidance to implement best practices from real-life experiences based on sound principles that will bring about people development initiatives within the organization. He is also a Certified Human Resource Practitioner (CHRP) and approved MIHRM trainer for Certified Training and Development Manager Program.

Darell Kong Chung How, holds a Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Curtin University of Sarawak, and is an approved PSMB trainer (TTT/14880). Darell is a trainer whom specifically trains in Microsoft and Soft skill training course, helping clients to achieve their work task efficiently and effectively. In the year of 2017, he had been appointed to be a trainer under Leadership Institute training mainly on the State’s Civil Servants across Miri, Bintulu and Kuching under the subject for Microsoft and also Bite Size Programs with more than 10 over sessions thereafter ranging from Clericals to Officers of numerous grades.


The spread of the coronavirus is challenging organizations and educators to rethink their approach to training as governments mandate travel bans, social distancing, face to face training, etc. Universities, government agencies, and training providers are shifting their traditional ways of face to face training towards virtual learning, thus making it mandatory for all trainers to shift their mode of training or coaching to e-learning by way of conducting it virtually.

Some trainers may not be comfortable conducting their session virtually because there is much overlap between face-to-face learning and virtual instruction. However, there is a misunderstanding regarding the transition to virtual training delivery. Many think that a virtual trainer needs to have extensive online experience at the same time need to be tech-savvy, and lack of in-person interaction to staying motivated.

Rather than let these misunderstandings obstruct them from developing their potential into a great virtual trainer, this program is designed to ensure all trainers will become effective virtual instructors in their own areas of expertise. Participants will be guided

  • Firstly, with a step by step approach in converting their traditional face to face session effectiveness to virtual implementation;
  • Secondly, using relevant and selective virtual e-learning platform that enhance learning; and
  • Thirdly, introducing virtual techniques and skills to transform their virtual training Lively that promote interaction and involvement with all participants, hence making their virtual training a memorable experience to all their participants.


This program is designed for people for whom training is a large part of their job or a full job function within a structured assessment and training system. These people have considerable responsibility for training program development and delivery, as well as an assessment of training participants or employees.

It is suitable for educators teaching for any age range and for people who are interested in improving their virtual session into more effective & impactful by using interactive & engagement approach.


  • Introduction by admin/facilitators
  • Virtual – The Way Forward
  • Opportunities in Virtual Training for Trainers
  • Overcoming Virtual Challenges
    – Presenter View
    – Virtual Platform as Training Methodology
    – Breakout rooms for brainstorming
    – Managing Viewing (Pin)
  • Promoting Interaction and Involving Participants
  • Q&A