David Lau

HRD Corp Lead Trainer  |  HRD Corp Accredited Trainer  |  IABFM™ International Accredited Trainer | Licensed LPI Trainer

David Lau is an internationally accredited trainer who has been involved in strategic management and training for more than 31 years. Since 1990, David has successfully trained and transformed many young and potential leaders throughout the various corporate industries and organizations in Malaysia.

David holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and has achieved several Professional Certifications, including "CAHRP" (Certified Advanced Human Resource Practitioner) from the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) and "CHRA" (Chartered Human Resource Analyst) from AAFM, USA. Apart from that, he was awarded a Licensed LPI (LEONARD Personality Inventory) Trainer from Dr. Leonard Yong (Ph.D.; M.Ed; B.Sc.Hon), psychologist and retired professor at the University of Malaya, who developed LPI to help individuals and organizations thrive through emotional excellence.  David has vast management experience, having worked as a branch manager at various banking institutions and investment banks from 1989 to 2003, when he set up his training organization.

David is an HRD Corp Accredited Trainer (PSMB/TTT/4548) and is also an appointed and approved Lead Trainer for Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) to conduct the Certified Train-The-Trainer (TTT) program. He has successfully conducted more than 80 sessions and trained more than 1,500 individuals to be competent trainers since 2016. He has gained recognition for his training and is described by many of his participants as a trainer who practices a learner-centered approach and is passionate about motivating and inspiring learners to practice what they have learned.

Today, David provides a wide range of personal development programs and management consultancy owing to his wide exposure to various industries in the following areas;

  • Certified Train-the-trainer,
  • Certified Human Resources Management,
  • EQ for Leadership Excellence,
  • Empowering Leadership Dynamic,
  • Consultancy in Structuring Organization Chart Effectiveness,
  • Coaching effective Competency-based training content design, and
  • Coaching and Consulting Team Effectiveness at Workplace.

David believes in learner-centered and participative training. His approach to enhancing learning in training is to inspire and motivate learners to not only focus on what they learn in the training session but also emphasize what they can do and apply what they have learned. He agrees with Robert Mager’s quote, “You can’t store training. You either use it or lose it.”

Excellent trainer. The trainer is competent and has conducted the training skilfully. I have learned a lot from him, increased my confident lvl. Scale 1-10 I would give 20. I will definitely recommended him to other people.

Associate Professor Dr. Norsuzailina binti Mohamed Sutan

Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

GEM Consultancy Sdn Bhd has a good team in organising training program. This session has been well and professionally organized. I have learnt profoundly and I would highly recommend other organizations to engaged GEM personnel for future training program. David's experience in training and his willingness to share type of attitude, skills & knowledge is highly appreciated.

George Chen Nguk Fa

Managing Director, Yu Xing Enterprise