David Lau

David is a certified trainer of Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) with certificate no. TTT/4548 and is also an approved certified trainer to conduct HRDF’s Train the trainer program.

He held senior position in various banking for about 16 years before setting up Gem Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (GEM), a consultancy and training provider in 2003. In GEM he had accomplished numerous successful consultancy for various industries, which include universities, housing and development, plantation, hotels, ports, etc. Many of his participants regards him as one of the best trainers in the industries. Further reference can be obtained from his Facebook at David Lau GEM.

Participant's Feedback

PSMB Certified Train The Trainer

“I did not expect this program to be this good. The way the course is arranged and delivered is helping me put my thoughts into proper sequence and priority. Something I have been looking for. Thank you very much.”

Fia Iskandar

23-27 May 2016

“Excellent trainer. The trainer is competent and has conducted the training skilfully. I have learned a lot from him, increased my confident lvl. Scale 1-10 I would give 20. I will definitely recommended him to other people.”

Dr. Norsuzailina

15-19 August 2017

“Training programme is totally excellent and benefit participants so much in terms of adding on their competencies knowledge
and presentation skills. Value of
the training program is awesome!!”

A. Mustanir

16-20 April 2018

EQ for Leadership Excellence

“This programme spread the positivity in life, work. Anyone who involve in this programme will be more confident, clear (Vision/mission), motivated and strong. Energetic and experience/knowledgeable speaker.”

Nurul Atiqah

6-7 October 2017

“I really enjoy this training as not only did I understood myself better, also how
best can I help the company
to excel and staffs to improve
this course is essential for
everyone in workplace.”

Poh Che Mei

8-9 August 2017

“Even top management
should go for this
training as the leader
to also change to
be the best for
the organisation
to prosper.”

Rodziah Mohamad

24-25 May 2018