is a professional association governed by a Board of Standards and a membership code of ethics and standards of practice.
is Malaysia’s Human Resource Professional Body & Recognised By The International Community.

What is Professional Certification?

Professional Certification is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. It is also a professional credentials designed to help professionals to enhance their job performance and marketability in their respective fields.

These certificates usually signify that a person has reached a standard of knowledge to perform to a required standard in their respective fields.

Potential Benefits to be Professionally Certify
  • Grants recognition a specific level of knowledge and skill thus;
    • increases opportunities for career advancement and/or
    • increased earnings by a third party
  • Enhances professional reputation Provides personal accomplishment
    • Supports continued professional development
    • can validate skills and knowledge
Potential Benefits to Employers
  • Increases competence level of employees
  • Provides professional development opportunities for employees
  • Increases confidence in employees abilities
  • Demonstrates employers a commitment to competence
  • Could provide means to establish and enforce an ethical code
Potential Benefits to Public
  • Standardises practice and/or standards within an industry
  • Provides a means for an industry to self-regulate